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How much does couples therapy cost?

My fee for a couples therapy session is €180.
A session usually lasts between 90 and 100 minutes. The initial session can sometimes last up to two hours, the fee remains the same.

Individual sessions can be required between couple sessions. In this case, the fee for a 60-minute session is €90.

* If couples therapy is not aimed at the treatment or prevention of a psychological disorder such as adjustment disorder or depression, then the treatment does not clearly fall under according to § 4 No. 14 letter a UStG and then 19 % VAT must still be added. However, since the quality of relationships has been proven to have a strong influence on our mental health (as a large number of scientific studies show), the indication for psychotherapeutic or psychopreventive intervention is given in almost all cases. Emotionnally-focused couples therapy is clearly a form of psychotherapy as a curative and preventive treatment (as opposed to pure counselling) because of its methodology and its effects.

Is couples therapy covered by health insurance?

Unfortunately, couples therapy is not covered by public or private health insurance in Germany. German health insurance companies only cover individual psychotherapy or certain group therapies if a mental illness is diagnosed.
This is unfortunate, as we know that happy relationships have a positive effect on mental and physical health.

If my fees are too high for you, please contact me. I offer a limited number of sessions at a reduced rate.

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